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I have been feeling it for a decade.

Updated: Mar 4

I wrote this post in 2011, after feeling more than a year's worth of disconnect...which now, 10 years later, is as intense within me as anything. The 1's and zero's have driven this invisible wedge between us. There are new definitions to relationships now. I am not a fan to say the least.

Jenya D. Campbell

January 7, 2011 · Are we plugging in and tuning out?

Makes me wonder what could be next?

In the future, we become the Borg perhaps?? Half human, half machine......tapped into the virtual world without needing a device. (Remember the Lawnmower man?)

What will be the next device to disengage us from our ...actual lives? What alternate reality will be tempting us next?

Everything is becoming invisible now... books...DVDs.....even stores....are all becoming unnecessary. And while that may be "greener", I think we have led the way for future generations to grow up socially ambiguous or even completely inept at oral communication!

What is real anymore and what will be tangible in our future? I have nearly all digital pictures of my child.. or prints made on a computer printer, already starting to fade. Where are all the

"real" photographs?

What's worse?...we are slaves to our devices, because we have no choice. And we are paying big money for it too. Paying for a connection to disconnection....

It is growing increasingly impossible to achieve anything without email, or internet access, or even a cell phone. Applying for a job or college, buying car insurance, paying bills....all most conveniently accomplished via the web. Even college itself can happen right in your lap. My gosh....even jobs...done from home???? No one has to leave their house....ever.

No more person to person anything. Husbands and wives, & even friends, can replace actual marriages/friendships with digital relationships. Do we even connect? Is THIS a connection? What is it exactly?

Nothing can replace true intimacy right? Wrong....we are even having a new kind of "sex"....less intimate than talking about it on phone....we are reading it.... we are typing it....what is that?

Our cell phones have taken away our phone calls....

I imagine in a few hundred years, a baby will be born with extra thumbs.

Sorry.....I am tripping a haze of what feels like complete disconnection, caused by text messages, and general internet slavery. I fell prey a long time ago & it just finally hit me.  It gets to me when I am at work, or with friends and even the very conversation I am having is interrupted by someone tuning out with me (with life, with work) to check a cell phone, or even send a text/email.... to the point that it has become the norm...and I find myself doing it. It sometimes makes me feel like throwing everyone's cell phone through a window, or conducting a technology-fast.

The world as we know it might be vanishing....and we live in a zone between reality and complete cyber-submission.



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